Bellet (AOC)

The bellet or Bellet wine is a wine of AOC harvested only on the territory of the town of Nice, in the department of Alpes-Maritimes: it is the only city with a vineyard located AOC completely on a large agglomeration.

Its production area is located on terraces that overlook between 200 and 400 meters left bank of the Var, to the west of the city of Nice.

A decree published in the Official Journal, 11 November 1941class in the Bellet vineyards AOC. Its production, weakened by the phylloxera invasion of 1885 and the damage of the two great wars, was maintained largely through the efforts of a wine merchant. He reconstructed a vineyard from 1946. Since 1970, Ghislain Charnace of Château de Bellet managed to defend the character and quality of the wines of Bellet.

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